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July 26, 2001 -- Hiking can be a fun workout that lets you enjoy the outdoors with your friends. But if you are not prepared, all the fun can drain out of a hike. Here are some things to remember that will help ensure you have a great time on your next trek outdoors.

"You want to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the company of friends that may be with you," says Richard Ray, EdD, an avid hiker, professor of kinesiology, and athletic trainer at Hope College in Holland, Mich. "You don't want to be so darn tired when you're out there or at the end of the trail that you're no good for anything."

When planning a hike, your first task is to pick a trail suited to your abilities. If this is one of your first hikes and you're not in the best shape, pick a relatively short and flat trail that's not at a high altitude. Unfortunately, you can't rely on trail labeling because it's not consistent. Read up on the trails you'd like to hike and consider getting a topographical map of the region to make sure it's not too rugged or steep.

Ray says you'll need to get three of your "critical body systems" ready for hiking:

  • Your feet;
  • Your legs;
  • Your cardiovascular system.

Protect your feet with good hiking boots. Be sure you have "broken them in" by walking around the house or neighborhood in them. Pick a good midweight, high-top, hiking boot with a good sole that's going to support your foot. Talk to people who sell high-quality hiking products to help you find boots that are right for you and to be sure that they fit you properly.

To strengthen your legs for a hike on flat terrain, walking or jogging every day for 6-8 weeks before the hike is a good preparation. Start with about 20 minutes a day and try to work up to about 40. If you're going to be hiking over hills and valleys, a stair machine can help you prepare. If you're going to be wearing a backpack on your hike, wear it while training, too.

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