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Moderate Workout Routines Help Heart, but More Effort Melts Fat

May 29, 2003 -- When it comes to exercise, couch potatoes like to cut corners. In fact, most people gravitate toward a pretty moderate workout routine -- walking a little after work or on weekends. Question is, is that enough?

It's an issue addressed in a new study, presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine held in San Francisco this week.

In the study, 87 overweight adults were randomly assigned to a low, moderate, or high supervised program based on exercise time and intensity. The workout involved stationary bicycles, treadmills, and elliptical trainers (a cross between a treadmill and a bicycle).

  • The low workout routine involved about 187 minutes of exercise per week at 40%-55% of maximal oxygen capacity (a measure used in fitness studies).
  • The moderate workout routine involved about 123 minutes per week at 65%-80% of maximal oxygen capacity.
  • The high workout routine involved about 180 minutes per week at 65%-80% of maximal oxygen capacity.

After the study had ended, follow-up phone calls showed that people in the high-intensity program tended to downgrade their exercise into the more moderate range. And many of the low intensity exercisers tended to upgrade to the more moderate range.

Americans' known love of the couch may make it obvious why the high-intensity exercises reduced their workout routine. But why did so many low exercisers decide to kick it up a notch? Researchers say it may be due to the fact that the exercise program was supervised for nine months -- making exercise more of a habit by that point.

Researchers also found that most people -- 84% -- had switched to walking as their "most comfortable and convenient" form of exercise, reports lead researcher Lori Aiken, with Duke University Medical Center, in a news release. Very few stuck with the workout equipment, she says.

Virtually everyone was fighting a busy schedule to find time for walking -- which translated into briefer workouts, about two hours a week. Also, most people adjusted their workout intensity to a more moderate level -- about 11 miles during a week's time.

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