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Keep It Interesting, and Stay Focused continued...

Strom's approach with all his clients -- celebrity and otherwise -- is to vary the workouts so that no two are exactly the same. "That's how you keep yourself challenged. That's how you keep pushing through the walls that come up."

"If you are bored, your muscles get bored and they don't change," says Steve Zim, creator of the popular fitness app ZimFit.

He also says that you need a goal going in. For instance, visualize what you want your body to look like so that you know what you are working towards, Zim says.

Actor Chris Evans had a very clear mission when he showed up at Zim's gym. Evans had to go from skinny to all muscle in order to play the Human Torch in 2005's Fantastic Four. A month later, he had the superhero body he needed.

You likely won't need to pursue your fitness goals on such a tight schedule or as intensely, Zim says. "Things are different when your goal is to have your shirt off in front of a camera."

Still, Zim notes, you will want to work hard enough so that you see progress quickly. "If you don't see a result," he says, "you get frustrated and bored."

Make It Challenging and Be Consistent

All three trainers say that intensity makes the workout. When it starts to get easy, ramp it up.

"Most people fall short in the intensity department," says Bose, who allows only 40-60 seconds of rest between sets. "We push past the fatigue and the instinct for the body to quit, and you find that very soon the body starts liking the intensity. You perform better and the workout seems shorter because you're not wasting a lot of time resting."

Strom recalls Johansson complaining to him one day that, three months into training, her workouts were not getting easier.

"'Do I suck at this?' she asked me," Strom says. "She didn't realize that I'd been progressively building the intensity."

Strom says showing up at the gym five to six days a week will do you no good if you're not pushing yourself. "I'd rather see you for 40 minutes and kick the crap out of you," he says.

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