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Each session at Kelley's studio in Los Angeles is about two hours long. "You do sweat," she says. "I am not a physiologist, but your heart rate does go up. I teach people a whole routine and we practice it. This is a sensual, athletic endeavor."

Is she serious about those six-inch heels? "I do it barefoot," she says, "but encourage people to wear whatever makes them feel sexy. Some wear Doc Martens. You are discovering an erotic creature when you do this."

If they wish, participants may also bring a G-string, stripping shorts, a pushup bra, or short T-shirt to wear as a dress. For the record, some of her students do take it off (to G-string level), but others choose not to.

Lap Dancing Instead of Running Laps

Kelley is not the only one offering instruction for women who prefer lap dancing to running laps. Actress Carmen Electra has an "Aerobic Striptease" DVD out, and, for those who prefer a group setting, Crunch Fitness offers cardio striptease classes.

"I would characterize it as a low-intensity cardio workout," Rob Glick, group fitness director at Crunch Fitness in Mission Viejo, Calif., tells WebMD. "One of the missions of Crunch is to give people who are burned out on working out or who have not worked out in the past a fun and funny experience."

People come dressed for action at Crunch, although removal of a lot of clothing is not encouraged. "Some wear normal fitness clothes," Glick says. "Some wear layers so they can remove some. And some wear costumes and approach it in a 'themey,' campy way."

At Crunch, the pole-dancing class is a separate program.

"The women end up in a hip hop circle, dancing," Glick says. "They feel sexy and great."

Kelley says Crunch's program is nothing like her classes. "It's completely, completely different from what I do," she says. "It's more like a Laker Girl dance thing. Mine is really, really slow and sensual."

All Shapes and Sizes

Are all stripping students Demi Moores? "Oh, I have had women of every shape and size," Kelley says. "Even breast-cancer warriors who are absolutely ragged from battle. You can't believe the high everyone enjoys. Women have told me this has changed their lives, saved their marriages --or even showed them they were in the wrong marriage."

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