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NAME: Dominik Hasek
TEAM: Buffalo Sabres (Hockey)
INJURY: Torn Groin Muscle


Hasek injured his groin in late November while attempting to stop a slap shot in a game against the Florida Panthers. He weakly kicked out his right leg, but the puck ricocheted off of his skate, then off the post, and into the net. He fell forward onto the ice, where he lay for several minutes. He later said that he heard a popping noise and felt a burning pain.


Dominik "The Dominator" Hasek is considered by some to be the best goalie ever. He has won the Vezina Trophy five times for being the league's top goalie and has been awarded the Hart Trophy, as the league MVP, in back-to-back years. He is the NHL's highest paid goaltender and anchored the Sabres in their run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1999. He also led the underdog Czech Republic team to a gold medal in the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan. Hasek is 34 years old and announced before the season began that this one would be his last.


A torn groin is a tearing of the abductor muscles of the groin. The groin muscle is on the inner thigh and stretches along the thigh bone. The muscle tears as a result of abducting the leg (an outward motion like doing a split). A muscle tear is another term for a muscle pull. A common pull is a 15-20% tear of the muscle. Hasek has a 90% tear of the muscle. Goalies rely on the groin muscle every time they do "the splits" or kick out the leg to make a save. As a result, they keep the muscles very strong and flexible.


The tear is commonly diagnosed through clinical observation. Patients describe a burning pain in and around the muscle during abduction, weakness in the groin area, and the inability to abduct the muscle at all. An MRI is then used to determine the specific damage.

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