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NAME: Eva Nemcova
TEAM: Cleveland Rockers, WNBA; Messina, Italian League
POSITION: Guard/forward
INJURY: Torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)


WNBA: Andrea Lloyd-Curry, Minnesota Lynx; Carolyn Jones-Young, Portland Fire; Elena Baranova, Miami Sol; NBA: Tom Gugliotta, Phoenix Suns; Derek Anderson, Los Angeles Clippers; Danny Manning, Milwaukee Bucks; NFL: Jamal Anderson, Atlanta Falcons; Ric Mathias, Cincinnati Bengals; Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos; Robert Daniel, Carolina Panthers; Tony Boselli, Jacksonville Jaguars; Curtis Enis, Chicago Bears; Baseball: Shane Spencer, New York Yankees; NCAA Women's Basketball: Shea Ralph, University of Connecticut; Peppi Browne, Duke University


Eva Nemcova, the Rockers' leading scorer, is 27 and hails from the Czech Republic. In her fourth season, she is averaging 13.2 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 1.6 assists. She was a first-team all-league selection in 1997 and a second-team pick in 1998. Nemcova holds the WNBA record for consecutive free throws with 66, and had a free throw percentage of 91.7% this season. Last winter, while playing for Messina in the Italian League, she averaged 19.4 points and was the MVP of the 2000 Italian League All-Star game.


Nemcova tore her left ACL in the first half of Cleveland's loss to the Los Angeles Sparks. She drove to the basket, planted her foot, and twisted it. She was surprised to find out how bad the injury was because she felt nothing at the time.


The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the ligaments inside the knee joint that stabilizes the knee throughout its full range of motion. The specific function of the ACL is to keep the bones in the knee from slipping forward and from rotating. It is used in pivoting maneuvers -- for example, when running or quickly moving laterally. The ligament is directly behind the kneecap, in the center of the knee.

The ACL can be injured in many ways. The most common is a combination of bending the knee and forced rotation of the lower leg. Also common is force applied to the outside of the leg pushing inward, such as a clipping injury. This is the type that makes some of the horrific highlights on the news. Athletes usually describe a sharp burning, severe pain and the inability to move or put any weight or pressure on the leg.

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