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Some Say That More Is Still Better continued...

While Hass agrees that a multiple-set program of this type can build more strength than a standard one-set routine, he doesn't think most people have the time or inclination to follow such a regimen. His scaled-down program, he says, is simply more realistic for most time-pressed Americans who struggle to do any strength training at all.

Even Kraemer's results, in fact, bear this out. When his "periodization" study ended, he says, most of the three-set subjects were eager to cut back their routines. "I'd see them in the gym and most of them were happy to go back to one set," he says.

John Lehr, for one, intends to stick to his abbreviated program. "I'm auditioning for voice-overs," he says. "Not for Mr. Universe."

Suzanne Schlosberg, a freelance writer based in Santa Monica, Calif., is author of The Ultimate Workout Log, second edition (Houghton Mifflin 1999), and co-author of Fitness for Dummies, second edition (IDG Books Worldwide 2000).

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