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Workout trackers that you wear on your wrist or arm can completely overhaul your exercise routine. They make you more aware of when you move and inspire you to keep stepping it up. Combine your device with the right app and you may see even more results.

Apps With Food Diaries

Most people who lose weight and keep it off use food diaries. Just the act of logging what you eat inspires you to eat healthier. You’ll take your weight loss efforts to a new level when you pair a food tracker with your fitness device.

Some devices, like those from Fitbit, Larklife, and Jawbone, have a way to track what you eat on their own web sites or apps. Most of the ones that don't have their own food trackers sync with apps that do. Even the devices with their own food tracking often sync with apps that allow you to see more details about nutrition.

One benefit of devices sharing data is that when your food tracker "learns" how many calories you've burned from exercise, it may be able to adjust your calorie limit for the day.

Many food-tracking apps are free, while some have one-time or monthly fees. Each app typically also has a web site. Popular food trackers include:

  • Lose It! is dedicated to weight management. Itsuggests eating plans based on how many pounds you want to lose for a week and projects a date when you'll reach your goal weight.

Other features include a breakdown to show how well your day's food choices meet the MyPlate USDA guidelines.

Lose It! also has a barcode scanner to show you the nutrients and portion sizes of packaged foods.

Cost: Basic app and site are free.

An annual fee of $39.99 per year is required to sync it with most devices. For that, you get extra tracking and tools, and the ability to set up goals related to exercise, blood pressure, blood sugar, nutrition, sleep, and measurements.

Syncs with: BodyMedia Fit, Fitbit (Flex, Force, One, Ultra, and Zip), Jawbone (Up and Up Pro), Nike + FuelBand (1.0 and SE), and Withings Pulse

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