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The Basics of Fitness Walking continued...

Form: Stein says it doesn't matter whether someone is swinging his or her shoulders or walking straight from the hip, as long as they're comfortable and have the right intensity. Hoffmann, however, says it's best to have elbows bent at a 90 degree angle, the arms swinging freely so that they come up to about chest level, the fingers curled into a loose fist, and the feet moving forward at a brisk pace. "If your hands are just dangling at the sides, you're probably not walking fast enough to get any heart rate increase," says Hoffmann, who notes that the extremely sedentary and overweight can begin an exercise plan with a stroll and work up to a quicker pace.

Mileage: Many guidelines give recommendations on time and intensity, so distance may not necessarily be a factor. On the other hand, some walking events and campaigns with specific distance requirements have been known to be very motivating. For example, Corbin says children have loved digital pedometer programs, which have enabled them to keep track of steps during the day. Students who take a certain number of steps a day for at least five days a week for several weeks receive a President's Council Activity Award. Volkssporting groups have also given honors to walkers of all ages that have achieved particular distances.

Walking Through Life

Putting one foot ahead of the other may yet be the easiest form of exercise because it can readily be incorporated into daily life. Various sources, including the AHA, the AARP, and the NASPE, have provided the following tips, which could make fitness walking seemingly effortless whether you're doing it for love or against love handles.

At Home

  • Go out for a short walk before breakfast, after dinner, or both.
  • Walk to the corner store instead of driving.
  • Instead of asking someone to bring you a drink, get up off the couch and get it yourself.
  • Walk instead of watching TV.
  • See neighbors.
  • Walk the dog.

At Work

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or get off a few floors early and walk the remaining flights.
  • Walk down the hall to speak to someone at the office rather than using the telephone.
  • Conduct a meeting with co-workers while taking a walk.
  • Walk around your building for a break during the work day or during lunch.

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