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Exercise on the Beach continued...

No buckets? Try getting on your feet.

Walking in the soft sand of the beach alone is a workout, says Calabrese. "Sand gives you the extra resistance that you wouldn't have on a treadmill or on asphalt," she says. "You can do it barefooted and you'll feel a great workout in your feet, shins, and calves."

Ayres agrees. "Beach walking is great for ankle stability," he says. "Eighty percent of ankle sprains are rolling out of the ankle because the lateral ankle is weak. I don't have a client daily that I don't do strength training where we're standing on one leg."

One-legged stork stands in the sand improve balance and ankle stability, says Ayres.

If the spirit moves you, Calabrese says, you can create a great strength workout with just you, a beach towel, and of course, some sunscreen. Alternate walking, jogging, and sprinting to work the lower body and get the heart rate elevated.

"The beach can be so tranquil and yet so energizing. Start out by walking, and all of a sudden you get the energy from the earth and you start to jog a little."

Calabrese then suggests either doing walking lunges or stationary lunges the length of your beach towel. Work the upper body with pushups and reverse planks and the abdominals with crunches on the towel.

The peaceful mood of the ocean's edge is a great time to stretch as well, she says. "Finish with some stretching, deep breathing, and meditation," she says, "taking time to close your eyes and feel the ocean mist and smell the salty air."

Poolside Fitness

The days of playing "Marco Polo" and doing cannonballs may be a distant memory, but you can still get a great workout in the pool.

Swimming is an obvious choice and an option many people use all year round in heated pools at health clubs. It's is an excellent, low-impact, whole-body workout.

But it's not very social, so if you're with the family, make it fun.

"Everybody's got floaties," says Pittsley. Any kind will do, but the smaller, the more work you'll have to do. For example, one of those long, skinny noodles is a great challenge.

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