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"I Don't Have Time" —Larissa, 35, planner for a cosmetics company continued...

My kids can wait (at least for a little bit). "One day, my son wanted me to play a game with him. I said, 'OK, but I have to do this first,' and did a workout-on-demand. He lay down on the rug and waited for me to finish. Now I know I can really fit this in."

Activity adds up. "On the weekends, I logged more than 4000 steps on my pedometer — that's as many as I get when I go to the gym, and twice as many as I get on weekdays. I go up and down the stairs, do laundry, play with the kids, walk the dog. This showed me that if I can be more active during the workweek, it will really help me with weight loss and fitness."

After: 2 to 3 days in the gym; more activity during the day
"I'd forgotten how good it feels to move my body. Now I crave it. I weighed myself after three weeks and had lost four pounds."

Trainer Johanna's Tips: Do Anything More Than You Did Before

If getting to the gym is an unrealistic goal for you, add more activity into your day (it won't get you to the Olympics, but it will make you healthier and possibly even slimmer). Get a pedometer like Larissa did so that you can see if you're over- or underestimating your distance.

"I'm Just Lazy" —Christine, 31, private chef

Before: 2 to 3 workouts per week with a trainer
"I am naturally lazy, so exercise is a chore to me. In the past, I've gotten good results with a trainer, but I would like to learn to work out solo."

Her "Aha" Moments
More than my body benefits. "I took a yoga class and loved what it did for my body and my mind. I realized that the mental benefits of working out are almost as important to me as the physical ones: I really enjoyed being able to spend some time with my thoughts. I liked it so much that I booked a yoga retreat vacation for myself."

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