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"Workouts Don't Work for Me" —Jennifer, 27, corporate training coordinator continued...

Her "Aha" Moments
An empty gym is a wonderful thing.
"When I met Johanna in the gym, I realized I could either go in there and feel self-conscious that everyone has a better body, or with the idea that one day I will achieve that. The meeting went fine, but I still don't like the gym — I feel like people are staring at me. So I worked out in the gym in my building at night when there were fewer people. I also did a workout DVD or the strength moves Johanna gave me right in my apartment."

The note on the door can stop you. "In addition to working out, my fiancé, Keith, and I tried to make lifestyle changes. We posted a list of rules, such as no eating fast food at
3 a.m., avoiding alcohol during the week, and grocery shopping instead of ordering takeout all the time. We even typed out a sign for the back of the door that says, 'Keith, I know you're drunk, but do not go to McDonald's!' We did go there one night, but I only had a few chicken nuggets. It wasn't horrible."

You don't have to be regimented. "I don't do well with a rigid, inflexible program because if I miss a day I get so discouraged and stressed that I want to give up. So I took each day as it came, adjusting where I did my workouts according to the day or what was going on that week. One week, we went to a bunch of parties, and I stumbled a bit with eating and drinking. But I'm OK with it. I never want to be 'that' person who can't have fun because I'm watching my weight. A little indulgence now and then will not kill me, and I didn't allow myself to get all worked up over it."

After: 1 to 3 times a week ("A huge increase from doing nothing!")
"After three weeks, my engagement ring fits comfortably again (it had gotten tight). I still don't like the gym, but I think I have a better outlook on health and fitness. Before, we'd sit around and watch TV; now we're more likely to do a workout video or go downstairs to the gym and do some cardio."

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