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Starting to Make Healthy Choices continued...

Planning works regardless of your dietary goal. Some people may prefer to work on reducing fat in their diet, adding fruits and vegetables, watching portions, eating at a slower pace, or curbing junk food.

Whatever your aim, avoid getting too hungry. At that point, people tend to overeat and ignore their best intentions. Also, figure out what triggers you to overeat or disregard your nutrition plan. Determine how to avoid problems or how to tackle them.

Many a New Year's resolution has been thwarted by injury. Some people are so gung-ho about getting fit that they are too aggressive at the beginning of their fitness program. As a result, they may become injured, feel a lot of soreness, or think of exercise as an unpleasant experience.

"Start low and then gradually progress," advises Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise. "The thing most people forget is that they didn't become deconditioned and out of shape overnight. You shouldn't expect to become well-conditioned overnight."

To figure out whether you are exercising at the right level, try the talk test. The goal is to carry on a basic level of conversation without being out of breath. If you find that you are too chatty, however, chances are you are not working hard enough.

You can also assess your energy level after a workout, says Bryant. If you are still tired one hour after exercise, you probably overdid it. He says the average person should be reasonably recovered in that time.

Lee Igel, NSCA, a sports psychology consultant and faculty member at New York University, simply shakes his head at some of the less-than-bright things people do at the beginning of a fitness program.

"It's easy to walk into a gym, and see somebody with a body that you want, and say, 'I'm going to do everything that I can to get that,'" says Igel. He says some people assume they know how to achieve the perfect body, jump into a workout routine without educating themselves on proper form and use of the equipment, and then get hurt.

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