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  1. Tired All the Time? Step It Up

    Feb. 29, 2008 -- If fatigue hounds your days, a little exercise may shoo it away without leaving you drenched with sweat. So say University of Georgia researchers. In a new study, they report that healthy young adults who say they're tired all the time got an energy boost from a low-intensity workou

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  2. Pick Up Weights to Take Off Pounds

    Feb. 5, 2008 -- Weight training may be a health boon for overweight people, new research shows. Boston University scientists report that "strength training, in addition to ... endurance training, may be of particular benefit to overweight individuals." The researchers aren't talking about fitting in

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  3. To Slow Aging, Get Moving

    Jan. 29, 2008 -- Being physically active may shave 10 years off your biological age, a new study shows. The finding "provides a powerful message" about the potential antiaging effects of regular exercise, write the researchers, who support the following CDC guidelines: Get at least 30 minutes of mod

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  4. Fitness Cuts Men's Death Rate

    Jan. 22, 2008 -- The fittest men tend to live the longest, regardless of age or history of heart disease, a new study shows. The researchers' advice: Start and maintain "a physically active lifestyle consisting of moderate-intensity activities (brisk walking or similar activities)." Of course, it's

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  5. More Human Growth Hormone in Baseball?

    Jan. 15, 2008 -- With the sharp new focus on steroid use among Major League baseball players, it appears a new drug threat may be worsening in sports, lawmakers and others said in congressional hearings Tuesday. Lawmakers warned that use of human growth hormone -- which is undetectable using standar

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  6. Pedometers Motivate Weight Loss

    Jan. 14, 2008 -- Wearing a pedometer may help you lose extra pounds, even if you don't diet, researchers report. How many pounds? About 1 pound every 10 weeks, or 5 pounds in a year, according to a new research review. That may not sound like a lot of weight, but every little bit counts, University

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  7. Marathons May Cut Traffic Deaths

    Dec. 20, 2007 -- Marathons may be lifesavers -- and not just for people who get in shape to run the 26.2 miles in a marathon.  Marathons are more likely to save lives due to road closures on the race course than to cause runners' sudden cardiac death. So say researchers including Donald Redelmeier,

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  8. Moderate Exercise May Cut Dementia Risk

    Dec. 19, 2007 -- Moderate physical activity (such as walking and climbing stairs) may help prevent dementia in people aged 65 and older. Italian researchers report that news in today's online edition of Neurology. They studied 749 Italians aged 65 and older for four years. When the study started, pa

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  9. Steroids in Sports: Questions Answered

    Dec. 13, 2007 -- The Mitchell Report, released today, details the alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs including steroids and growth hormone in Major League Baseball. The long-awaited report by former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell names names, but it doesn't show what the long-term effects of such

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  10. Snowboarding, Skiing: Head Injuries Up

    Dec. 4, 2007 -- Planning to ski or snowboard this winter? Wearing a helmet on the slopes may cut your risk of head injury by 22% to 60%, a new report shows. "We strongly recommend the use of helmets by all skiing and snowboarding participants," Canadian researchers write in Injury Prevention They re

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