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Workouts with water.

June 12, 2000 -- I've always had a so-so relationship with water. At summer camp in Maine, I remember desperately clinging to the docks until the very last moment, when my frustrated swim counselor nearly drop-kicked me into the icy lake. Summer after summer, I was grouped with the tadpoles and the guppies, never the dolphins or sharks.

So it was no surprise that as an adult I gravitated towards land-based activities like running. But about seven years ago, my back rebelled, which wreaked havoc on my 6-mile-a-day jogging habit. I couldn't imagine giving up on running. Luckily, I'd just read in a fitness magazine that working out in water was as good as doing it on land. So I slapped on my ratty old Speedo and took to the water.

Walking onto the pool deck that first day, wearing a big blue aqua running belt that would keep me buoyant in the deep water, I scanned the pool for other aqua exercisers. There were some silver-haired ladies schmoozing by the stairs and the usual lines of lap swimmers, but there were no other water runners. I slunk over to the slow lane and slipped in. As I began my soggy jog to nowhere, I felt vaguely ridiculous and overly aware of curious glances.

But after about an hour, my legs were tired, my heart was racing, and my back didn't hurt. So I kept at it. When my back finally got better, and I laced up my sneakers again, my heart and muscles felt strong, and I hadn't lost a step.

Changing the Way People See Water Exercise

Before I started this routine, I thought of aqua exercise as something that might be fine for my grandmother, but way too wimpy for me. "That's wrong," says Mary E. Sanders, MS, professor of health ecology at the University of Nevada, Reno, and creator of many aquatics programs. "While water exercise can be great for older and overweight people, it's equally good for serious -- even competitive -- athletes." What's more, if you're pressed for time, water exercise is a great way to squeeze an intense workout into a short period.

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