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MEMBER QUESTION: How long should each weight training session last?

LINGUVIC: Your weight training session could last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on what you're doing. More is not necessarily better. You want to have a good program that hits your muscles without overdoing it. Your workout should not be more than 45 minutes -- tops. You can have a great workout in 15 minutes if you have the right routine to do.

MEMBER QUESTION: What are the 'right' exercises?

LINGUVIC: The right exercises are exercises that utilize your whole body in a functional way. What I mean by that is you're not sitting on a machine pushing a weight with your legs. When in real life do you sit on a machine and push a weight with your legs? In real life you stand, lunge, bend and lift.

I recommend exercises that simulate what you do in real life, exercises standing up using your body weight, for example. These exercises not only use the muscles you're targeting, for instance when doing a lunge you're working your legs, they also challenge your core muscles, which are the muscles of your abdominals and lower back. And they challenge your coordination, which you need in real life.

MODERATOR: The exercises are beautifully illustrated with great photos in Wini's book. They make it very clear what you should be doing and how you should be doing it.

MEMBER QUESTION: Should you do cardio workouts on the same day as weights or alter the days?

LINGUVIC: The best scenario is you do it on an alternate day. But in our busy lives sometimes we need to do our workout on the same day. You want to have energy to do your strength training workout, so try to do your cardio workouts on your off days, at least in the beginning.

Aerobics are really important. No one dies of a weak bicep. So make sure you do your aerobics. But it is strength training, hands down, that changes bodies best.

MEMBER QUESTION Are resistance bands as effective as weights for strength training?

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