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The Skinny Jeans Workout: Does It Work?

Nichelle Toomire of Los Angeles says the Skinny Jeans Workout is working for her. She started doing Goldenthal’s program two years ago, when she was 39. She says she stuck with it because she saw results in a fairly short time and she felt stronger, more energetic and more confident.

"It enabled me to shave inches off my figure, especially my booty," she says. "Now I don’t look like a pear in my jeans anymore!"

Exercise expert Comana says that classes like these can be a good choice, especially in light of the motivation factor. While he cautions that it’s impossible to spot-reduce fat, targeting the hips, butt, stomach, and thighs as part of an overall fitness program may help you look better in your jeans.

Build Your Own Workout

Comana says that any "skinny jeans" program needs to include cardio to promote weight loss and general conditioning, plus resistance training to tone and build muscle.

If you want to do your own skinny jeans workout, he offers this advice:

  • Lunges and squats are good resistance exercises (done with or without weights) for toning the lower body.
  • The real skinny on looking great in skinny jeans, he says, is to include cardio exercises that work your lower extremities (like running or cycling) to burn calories and tone muscles overall. Try for 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise three to five times a week.
  • If you incorporate cycling, don’t mash heavy gears. That can build more muscle than you might want and even harm your knees, he says.
  • Don’t overdo running steps and hills, as they may build muscle and may not be the best for getting you into those skinny jeans (although they’re great for overall fitness).
  • Ellipticals and steppers can target the glutes, but as with lunges and squats, it’s important to use correct technique (see below).

The Right Way to Do Butt Exercises

Comana says that women tend to rely on their quads (thigh muscles) more than their glutes, hamstrings, and calves during certain stepping, squatting, and jump-landing movements. There are several mechanical reasons for this, he explains, including the structure of the knee joint, hormone levels, and motor skill development.

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