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Mindy Berry & Nancy Rones

Redbook Magazine LogoGive yourself a pat on the back: You’ve made the commitment to getting fit, dutifully dedicated a few hours a week to breaking a sweat, and—best of all—watched as the pounds began to steadily melt away.

Unfortunately, exercise boredom is one of the top reasons people throw in the towel. It can also lead to a weight-loss plateau: Our muscles get just as bored with the same old fitness routine as our minds, so when the newness fades, they stop responding, bringing weight loss to a grinding halt. The good news: Jump-starting fat burn is as easy as taking exercise up a notch or making a few tweaks to your current regimen. This month, Real-Life, Healthy Life fitness guru Jillian Michaels pays a visit to Jennifer Strange's home in Traverse City, MI, to help recharge her get-fit goals -- and give her (and you!) a new routine designed specifically to nix boredom, deliver fast results, and fit even the busiest lifestyle.

Boredom is only one of many reasons for falling off a fitness plan, so before Michaels shared her new workout routine, she helped Jennifer tackle her biggest fitness roadblocks.

Hurdle #1: NO TIME

"Mondays and Tuesdays I have class after work, so I leave the house before 8 a.m. and don't come back until 10 p.m. In fact, I'm only able to pick up my son, Keegan, from child care before 6 p.m. twice a week. I also have to teach a class on Saturday mornings, so Sunday is my only free day, and I try to devote it to Keegan."

-- Michaels's fix: "Jennifer does have a lot going on, but that's why I know she can find room in her day for fitness. She's so good at juggling her commitments that once she makes exercise a must-do, she'll get it done. Some ideas: "On one of the weeknights when she comes home on the early side, she should do a workout DVD while Keegan plays nearby. And if she wakes up just 15 minutes earlier twice a week, she could complete one 30-minute circuit workout by doing half one morning and half the next. Jennifer could also ask who--ever's watching Keegan on Saturday mornings to stay 45 minutes longer so she could hit the gym. If you really look at your schedule, I bet you'll find pockets of time where exercise will fit in."

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