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Hurdle #2: NO MONEY

"I can't afford to pay sitters -- it's too hard to justify in my budget. My mom sometimes watches Keegan on the weekends, and his other grandma helps out during the week. But I already rely on them so much, I feel bad asking for more."

-- Michaels's solution: "Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to sneak fitness into your day on the cheap. At work, Jennifer should take a 20-minute walk on her lunch break -- that costs nothing! Jennifer also has a jogging stroller, which she should use with Keegan. One fun, free routine: After getting your child settled in, try fast walking for five minutes, then recovering for two minutes, alternating between the two for 30 minutes. And be sure to make your last stop the playground -- that's good exercise for both of you!"


"I have this doubting voice inside of me that asks whether I'm doing what's best for Keegan, especially with working a full-time job, going to school part-time, and putting in 10 hours a week as a graduate assistant to help cover tuition. After doing all that, I hate to leave him again to exercise."

Michaels's fix: "When Jennifer starts feeling guilty about making time to work out, she needs to think about how proud Keegan is going to be in the years to come when she's fit and energetic enough to play soccer, baseball, and basketball with him. I tell moms all the time that it's okay to be selfish in this scenario. You'll not only set a good fitness example, you'll also be healthier both physically and mentally -- exercise beats stress! -- which means you'll be more available for your kids."


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