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NAME: Todd Hundley
TEAM: Los Angeles Dodgers
INJURY: Strained intercostal muscle (ribcage)


Baseball: Jeff Kent, San Francisco Giants; Hockey: Adam Deadmarsh, Colorado Avalanche; Football: Thurman Thomas, Buffalo Bills; Billy Joe Tolliver, New Orleans Saints; Dorsey Levens, Green Bay Packers; Mark McMillian, Washington Redskins; Oronde Gadsden, Miami Dolphins


Todd Hundley's 11 year career is one now known most for its injuries. In 1996, he set the record for home runs by a catcher, hitting 41 for the New York Mets. Those 41 also broke Daryl Strawberry's Mets record. In '96, he caught 150 games, the most of any catcher in the majors. He was known as a great defensive catcher and a switch-hitter with power to all fields; however, since shoulder surgery at the end of the '97 season, his throwing has been hindered and his power has declined.


Hundley sprained the intercostal muscle on the right side of his ribcage. The injury occurred while he was running from second base to third base on teammate Dave Hansen's broken bat single. When he was about five steps from third base, he turned his body and looked over his right shoulder to make sure that the ball was not caught. As he wrenched his body around, he over-stretched the muscle, forming a small tear, which then contracted fully. Hundley pulled up lame as he reached third base, and left the game soon after. The next day, Hundley said, "I feel like I have a knife stuck in me right now."


There are 11 intercostal muscles on each side of the rib cage. They connect one rib to another and work to spread the ribs apart and bring them back together again, effectively expanding and contracting the chest to aid in breathing. A stretching or rotating movement can sometimes tear this muscle, which is what appears to have happened to Hundley. Initially, there may be constant or severe pain, but after a few days, the pain occurs only on stretching, coughing, or breathing deeply. Most injuries heal within a few weeks.

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