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Airplane-seat Routines continued...

2. Tension-reducer for the neck and upper back: Sit tall, lengthening the neck. Tilt your neck to each side and rotate to look behind each shoulder; hold each position for five to 10 seconds. Squeeze your shoulders, rolling them up, back and down. Hold the down position for a few seconds, being sure to squeeze the shoulder blades together while holding. Repeat the shoulder rolls several times.

3. Lower-back and abdominal exercises: Slowly rock pelvis forward and back, pretending as if your waist were being pulled forward at the belt line; allow your lower back to arch in a way that is not painful. Next reverse the tilt, rounding the lower spine and scooping under with the tailbone (tighten and compress the abdominal muscles during this movement). Hold the end position of the tilt for three to five seconds. Repeat five times.

4. Exercises to build lower-body circulation: While sitting, lift right foot. Slowly point and then flex foot several times, to stretch ankle and lower-leg muscles. Next slowly rotate the right ankle in a clockwise direction, then slowly reverse direction. Repeat with left foot. This exercise will help to relieve fluid retention and stiffness in the leg joints.

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