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Narrator: Dori Ricci, Expert Personal Trainer, ACE, NASM, AFAA.

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Gym Smarts Treadmill

One of the more popular machines in the cardiovascular room is the treadmill and you can use it for walking or for jogging so any level or population can use this machine.

You can program the incline on the machine to simulate hills for walking or for running, and you can also program the resistance on the machine.

And the machine will ask you for the information it needs in order to give you the information you need to know;

and that's "how many calories you're burning, what level you're working at, and the type of workout you'd like to use today".

One of the simple ways to use this machine is to hit the "quick start" program

and then you can just start working and start it on your workout and adjust the intensity and the speed and the incline on your own.

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