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Narrator: Jennifer Renfroe, Crunch, Atlanta. Cliff Boyce, Lifestyle Celebrity Trainer.

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Welcome to Wednesday night aerobics at Crunch Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia.

Touch your body real sexy…1, 2, 3, do it

Wait a minute…this is exercise?

Sell this routine, ok? Have fun with it.

It is if you're in Cliff Boyce's cardio STRIPTEASE class.

Let's see the hips moving.

A former Chippendale dancer known as "Brown Sugar", Cliff brings his moves to a growing trend in fitness—dance based routines that tone and shape while delivering a little something "extra".

throw. Ok that is what I need to see. Did you see the sex appeal.

A lot of squats, a lot of lower body work, you know, get down real low and pick up your towel It's really a sculpting and cardio class all built into one.

It's just taking a regular traditional move and making it sexy.

Known for training Atlanta hip hop celebrities—Usher was a client—Cliff knows how to keep students focused. He makes a game of it, giving each girl a "stripper name"…

I'm going to call you dirty red.

And demanding they get in touch with their feminine "feline" with vocalizations.

How you doing out there strippers? Meow

It takes them to the next level of feeling sexy, being around new people, new energy and looking beautiful and feeling beautiful at the same time.

And that's what I want to deliver is that type of energy.

Does it work? See for yourself. Here are the girls at the beginning of the cardio-striptease session.

We look like we're still going to the grocery store

Look at them now, some 90 minutes later.

I just love it, it made me feel like so good more confident, more aware of who I am, and you know, just my presence. Oh, I'm not just the little girl in the corner.

I feel like I can express the sexiness more. This type of a class kind of reminds you, you know, that you are a sensual being, you know, you can express that.

Yes, we can see that. But is it exercise?

It kinda kept your heart beat up. It's like a light cardo

My abs, my oblique's, all that stuff I felt like it was a little burn.

I like it because I feel like I'm getting more flexibility because I really don't work on that. I feel like it works different muscles as far as that goes.

I think a lot of it is putting fun into fitness. A lot of people are very inhibited when they are on their own.

So you put them in a room with thirty people and it becomes fun, and it just becomes silly at that point.

Silly? or sexy? You decide. For WebMD I'm Sandee LaMotte.

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