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Narrator: Team USA Olympic Athletes, Uinterview,

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My workout regimen consists of weight room stuff every morning, running, throwing, jumping, technical sessions:

that's five days a week and then on the sixth day all I do is run in the mornings and I have the seventh day to rest.

To mentally prepare for an event it's not really a ritual as more of a routine.

There are certain things that I've done since I started doing decathlons that we haven't changed.

I kind of run myself through any and every scenario so that when the time comes and I'm actually in the moment,

I've already rehearsed what's happening and what's about to happen.

I eat a lot of pistachios; I probably won't stray to far from those. I really like red and green peppers; I can put those on anything.

Quinoa! Quinoa is something, again I could put it with anything and it just takes on that flavor and packed with nutrients,

carbs and proteins and just all around healthy.

Oh goodness. I think I might B-line it to McDonalds after the Olympics.

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