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Narrator: Team USA Olympic Athletes, Uinterview,

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Usually we'll go around two hours of weights in the morning, and our weights program, we're not the old school just big weights,

it's weights involving explosion movements so like a squat immediately to box jump, something like that, so non-stop moving for an hour and a half.

Swimming a lot, for three hours. A lot of leg work, so it's brutal.

Honestly for me when it comes down to the daily routine, even games, it's just making sure I leave time for myself,

which would be waking up and having a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.

These kind of things just really help me relax and not focus on water polo, and then I know when I do show up to that event I'm 100% prepared.

Prior to a match at least now at home I try to get in a lot of antioxidants so an acai smoothie with a banana in the morning.

Raw coconut water if I can get that, and then just a pasta or something like that.

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