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Tweak Fruit and Vegetable Tendencies

These insights can help us adjust our food-eating tendencies, he says.

Fruit lovers should eat more fruit -- but branch out: "Try eating different types of fruits. Our research suggests people like you are more likely to grow into a better fruit lover, rather than trying to become a vegetable lover. Eat more fruit instead of sugary snacks or desserts. Don't give up the ship just because you don't like asparagus and broccoli. You can eat fruit!"

Vegetable lovers: "Don't try to eat more fruit if you don't feel like it. Focus on eating more vegetables. You're more predisposed to becoming a vegetable lover, even more so than you are now. Lean into your strengths rather than forcing yourself to eat more bananas each month," says Wansink.

Add Creativity to Fruits and Vegetables

Sheah Rarback, MS, RD/LD, is a dietitian with the University of Miami School of Medicine and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. Rarbuck also writes a food column for the Miami Herald newspaper. She offered her perspective.

She agrees, "For fruit lovers, there's no easy road to broccoli," she says. "I've been working on my husband for a long time, to convert him to broccoli. It just doesn't happen."

But little tricks can lure fruit lovers to veggies, Rarback tells WebMD. "A little sweetening can bring veggies into your life -- like glazed carrots with a drop of brown sugar, for example. Try adding another (unglazed) vegetable to the carrots. "You don't want to overdo it," she says.

Honey can be a secret ingredient. Honey-roasted almonds atop green beans, and honey-mustard salad dressing on a green salad, can transform fruit lovers to vegetable connoisseurs, she says.

But for dessert, "you can't just hand someone an apple, and say 'have a good time,'" says Rarback. "You've got to do a little something with it. Maybe cut up an apple or pear; put some vanilla yogurt on it; sprinkle on some nuts."

Put salted nuts on that dessert, and you'll lure vegetable lovers to fruits, she adds. "A lot of Indian and Mexican recipes put seasonings we might find peculiar on sweet foods, to create a tangier rather than sweet flavor that vegetable lovers prefer. In Mexican cooking, many sweet recipes have chili peppers in them. In Indian cuisine, chutney is sweet but spicy, too." Fruit and vegetable lovers can appreciate both of those.

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