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    Home Cooking: How Often?

    Participants reported eating a home-cooked dinner five times a week and eating dinner at a restaurant once a week.

    What about their seventh dinner of the week? They got take-out, ate dinner somewhere other than home or a restaurant (such as a friend's house or at work), or skipped that dinner.

    More than two-thirds -- 67% -- said they sit down with their family to eat dinner and all eat the same meal.

    Not everyone is in the kitchen. The percentage of people who say they cook an entire meal at home every day dipped from 47% in 2006 to 41% in 2007.

    But when people do cook, more than 80% say they're willing to spend at least 30 minutes making dinner on a typical night. On average, participants said they take about 40 minutes to make dinner, and the percentage of people using recipes rose since 2006.

    "When people are cooking, they are looking for that quality experience, they're investing the time and energy in making that meal," Kathy Sheehan, senior vice president of GfK Roper Consulting, told reporters today in a teleconference.

    Import Concerns

    The poll also included a few questions about how participants are responding to recent safety concerns (including food and toy recalls) from imported products.

    Eighteen percent of participants said they now pay more attention to products' country of origin, but they haven't stopped buying products from a specific country.

    Another 43% say they're not paying more attention to products' country of origin. That percentage was higher -- 50% -- among parents with children younger than 18 years old.

    When asked whether they thought certain countries had been involved in recent food safety issues, 59% correctly selected China from the list.

    "That is a high number," Sheehan says. "People are aware and they are paying attention to this."

    Twenty-five percent said they didn't know or didn't respond to that question. The remaining participants cited other countries.

    The poll has a 3% margin of error.

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