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Bistro Flank Steak Sandwich

Bistro Flank Steak SandwichMake this bistro-style sandwich, sauce and all, completely on the grill. If you're in a hurry, just grill the steak and garlic and substitute jarred roasted peppers for the grilled ones.

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Mini Meatloaves

mini meatloavesTraditional meatloaf is made with ground beef, pork and veal; here we replace the veal with ground turkey for a tender, flavorful and leaner version of the classic. If you can't find lean ground pork in your supermarket, it's easy enough to make yourself if you have a food processor: just trim the leanest pork you can find (loin is ideal) and cut into chunks, then pulse in the processor.

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Indispensable Meat Sauce for Pasta

indispensable meat sauce for pastaProsciutto, wine and mushrooms dress up this all-purpose spaghetti sauce; keep some handy in your freezer for a quick dinner. We add bulgur to reduce the amount of ground beef (and boost the amount of satisfying fiber).

Served with:

  • Whole-wheat pasta (1 cup) (174 calories)

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Szechuan Braised Meatballs

szechuan braised meatballsSzechuan cuisine, from western China, is full of fiery-hot peppercorns and braised dishes. This recipe gets its heat from prepared Szechuan sauce and crushed red pepper.

Served with either:

  • Brown rice (1/2 cup) (109 calories)
  • Whole-wheat fettuccine (1/2 cup) (87 calories)

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