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    Lean chicken is always a favorite, especially if you're watching your weight.

    Lean boneless, skinless chicken breast has always ranked as a favorite, especially for anyone watching their weight. With only 140 calories and 3 grams of fat per 3-ounce serving, it's a real diet bargain. Rich, dark meat is slightly higher in calories and fat (174 calories and 8 grams of fat) but it's intense flavor and moistness make us OK with the tradeoff. Browse through these recipes to choose your main course, then pick from the suggested side dishes, desserts or drinks to round out your 500-calorie meal.

    Seared Chicken with Apricot Sauce

    seared chicken with apricot sauceFresh apricots, white wine, apricot preserves and tarragon combine in a quick sauce that's delicious on chicken. Try different combinations of wine (or even fruit juice with a touch of vinegar) and other fruits and preserves.

    Served with either:

    • Steamed broccoli with a squeeze of lemon (1/2 cup) (22 calories)
    • Steamed spinach with a squeeze of lemon (1/2 cup) (21 calories)

    Paired with one of these:

    Topped off with either:

    Cornmeal-Crusted Chicken with Pepian Sauce

    cornmeal crusted chicken with pepian sauceTomatillos and pepitas (hulled pumpkin seeds) form the basis for this rich-tasting pepian sauce.

    Accompanied by one of these:

    With a choice of either:

    • Black beans (1/2 cup) (114 calories)
    • Brown rice with a pinch of chili powder (1/2 cup) (109 calories)

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