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Smoky Ham & Corn Salad

smoky ham and corn saladLook for frisee, a light-green chicory with frilly leaves, for this dinner salad. Its sturdy texture and slightly bitter flavor hold up well when tossed with the smoky, creamy tomato dressing. This is a great salad for summer, when fresh corn is at its best. We call for store-bought croutons in this recipe to keep it quick, but if you have the time and extra bread try making your own.

With a choice of either:

Accompanied by one of these:

Topped off with one of these:

  • Nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt (1/2 cup) (95 calories)
  • White wine (5-ounce glass) (116 calories)

Thai Beef Salad

thai beef saladThe steak for a Thai salad is often marinated before it's broiled and that's a shame, because most of those flavorings simply drip off. For the best taste, first sear the steak, then let it sit overnight in the marinade before tossing it with the greens.

With a choice of either:

  • Curried Carrot Soup (123 calories)
  • Quinoa with chopped fresh mint and lime zest (1/2 cup) (111 calories)

Topped off with one of these:

Asian-Style Grilled Tofu with Greens

Asian Style Grilled Tofu with GreensHere's a dish that will turn you into a tofu-and-greens lover! Try Asian greens (tatsoi, mizuna and/or pea shoots) packaged as a salad mix; their slightly bitter flavors stand up well to this aromatic, vinegary dressing. We use carrot juice in the dressing for a touch of sweetness -- look for it in the produce section of the supermarket.

Served with either:

Topped off with one of these:

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