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    3. Summer Salads + Protein = Dinner continued...

    Here are some quick picks for salad add-ons:

    • Roasted turkey from a deli or supermarket, cut into strips or cubes
    • Thickly sliced extra-lean ham from a deli or supermarket, cut into strips or cubes
    • A can of water-packed tuna or a pouch of pre-flavored tuna (available in most supermarkets)
    • Defrosted pre-cooked shrimp (available in the frozen food section of your supermarket)
    • A can of beans. Black, kidney, or garbanzo work well in salads.
    • Shredded meat from a roasted whole chicken, from your rotisserie or supermarket
    • Baked tofu (available in packages). It comes cooked, flavored, and ready to dice.
    • Roasted nuts, a perfect topper to a main-dish salad. They add fiber and protein along with some crunch.
    • Summer fruits, which can complement the protein ingredient in your salad
    • 4 ounces of sliced or diced cheese. Cheese adds flavor and color along with milk protein (each ounce has 7 to 8 grams of protein).
    • A couple of chopped or sliced hard-boiled egg whites. Each egg white will bump up the protein by 3.5 grams.

    Here's how much some common ingredients can pump up the protein of your salad:

    Food____________________ Amount________ Protein (grams)
    Turkey breast, roasted 1/2 cup, diced 21
    Tuna, water-packed 1/2 cup 20
    Chicken breast, roasted 2 ounces 17.5
    Sirloin steak, broiled 2 ounces 17
    Shrimp/prawns, cooked 2 ounces 11
    Tofu, diced 1/2 cup 10 (depends on brand)
    Cheese 1 ounce 7 to 8 (depends on type)
    Black beans, canned 1/2 cup 7
    Kidney beans, canned 1/2 cup 7
    Garbanzo beans, canned 1/2 cup 6
    Egg white, hard-boiled 1 3.5
    Pecans 1/4 cup 2.3

    4. Slap Together a Sandwich Supper

    A sandwich doesn't necessarily require the stove or oven and can be assembled in a minute or two. Can't beat that on a hot weekday night!

    If you want to melt the cheese or lightly brown your featured filler, just broil your open-faced sandwich briefly in your toaster oven. This won't heat up you or your kitchen much at all. You can make sandwiches using any of the items listed above in the protein table - or use your imagination!

    You can fancy up your sandwich by adding a fun condiment or spread like:

    • Pesto
    • Sun-dried tomatoes
    • Fruit chutney
    • BBQ sauce
    • Flavored olive oil
    • Balsamic vinegar
    • Salsa
    • Honey mustard
    • Olive spread
    • Less-sugar preserves
    • Goat cheese

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