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    Worst Mexican Food Choices

    The following menu items have more than 1,500 calories per serving and plenty of saturated fat, total fat, and sodium. (Most were pretty high in fiber, however.)

    1. On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Dos XX Fish Tacos w/ Creamy Red Chile Sauce. Calories: 2,150. Total fat: 144 g. Saturated fat: 31 g. Sodium: 3,740 mg. Fiber: 4g.
    2. Baja Fresh Nachos: Steak, chicken, pork, shrimp, breaded fish, or mahi-mahi (with beans, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream). Calories: 2,000-2,120. Total fat: 110-118 g. Saturated fat: 41-44 g. Sodium: 2,680-3,120 mg. Fiber: 31-32 g.
    3. On the Border Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos w/ Original Queso. Calories: 1,910. Total fat: 135 g. Saturated Fat: 38 g. Sodium: 6,050 mg. Fiber: 5 g.
    4. Chevy’s Crab & Shrimp Quesadilla. Calories: 1,790. Total fat: 126 g. Saturated fat: 63 g. Sodium: 3,440 mg. Fiber: 3 g.
    5. On the Border Big Chicken or Steak Bordurrito (with side salad, not including dressing). Calories: 1,690-1,750. Total fat: 77-89 g. Saturated fat: 20-29 g. Sodium: 3,480-4,670 mg. Fiber: 16-17 g.
    6. Don Pablo’s Acapulco Beef Nachos (about 9 chips). Calories: 1,386. Total fat: 87 g. Saturated fat: 45 g. Sodium: 2,190 mg. Fiber: 12 g.
    7. On the Border Grande Taco Salad with Ground Beef (with ranch dressing): Calories: 1,510. Total fat: 109 g. Saturated fat: 38 g. Sodium: 2,710 mg. Fiber: 15 g.
    8. On the Border Tres Enchiladas Dinner, Cheese & Onion (with chile con carne and rice but without beans). Calories: 1,220. Total fat: 66 g. Saturated fat: 33 g. Sodium: 2820 mg. Fiber: 7g.
    9. Don Pablo’s Large Cheese or Mesquite Grilled Steak Quesadilla. Calories: 1,432-1,628. Total fat: 92-100 g. Saturated fat: 48-52 g. Sodium: 2,184-2,772 mg. Fiber: 4 g.
    10. Chevy’s Tostada Salad (not including dressing). Calories: 1,500-1,560. Total fat: 91-100 g. Saturated fat: 34-38 g. Sodium: 2,220-2,550 mg. Fiber: 18g. (Chipotle Vinaigrette or Creamy Ranch dressing adds 370 calories and 37 grams fat.)
    11. Baja Fresh Burrito Ultimo (Steak or Carnitas), Enchilado Style (served with nachos, pico de gallo and sour cream). Calories: 1,550-1,580. Total fat: 84 g. Saturated fat: 40 g. Sodium: 3,760-3,789 mg. Fiber: 15-16 g.
    12. On the Border Steak Grande Fajita Nachos. Calories: 1,450. Total fat: 89 g. Saturated fat: 51 g. Sodium: 3,010 mg. Fiber: 16 g.
    13. Moe’s Southwest Grill Closetalker Salad with crispy shell, ground beef, beans, cheese, olives, cucumbers, lettuce, chipotle ranch sauce and bacon. Calories: 1,215. Total fat: 84 g. Saturated fat: 21.3 g. Sodium: 2,103 mg. Fiber: 12 g.

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