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You won't miss the calories with these easy and yummy substitutions

Whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover this spring, you probably have certain favorite dishes you look forward to eating. It's no surprise that most of these holiday favorites are brimming with calories, fat, and sometimes cholesterol or sugar. Can we really make these same dishes lighter in calories and fat and still have them taste as delectable as ever? You bet!

Transform traditional holiday favorites into yummy dishes that contain half the fat and a lot less calories, just by making a few recipe adjustments. In general, you can:

  • Substitute reduced-fat dairy products for regular versions.
  • Use lean meats, light sausages, and skinless poultry instead of regular or full-fat versions.
  • Exchange egg substitute or egg whites for half of the eggs called for in recipes (1/4 cup of egg substitute or two egg whites is equivalent to one whole egg).
  • Substitute olive or canola oil for vegetable, and you can usually cut the amount of oil in half. For baking recipes, nonfat ingredients like fruit juice, nonfat sour cream and pureed fruit should be substituted for the missing fat.
  • Cut the amount of butter in half, for most recipes. For baked goods, other somewhat-solid ingredients such as nonfat sour cream and nonfat cream cheese, can fill in for the fat you leave out.

For dish-specific suggestions, check out the tables below!

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