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    Can’t cook tonight? Here's how to eat out cheaply without going to a fast-food restaurant.

    When the going gets tough and the budget gets tighter, do the tough keep going out to eat? You can stay on budget and still eat out, making every 5 or 10 dollar bill count by keeping the following rules in mind.

    Order “Take Out” to Save Money

    When you order your food “to go” instead of eating in the restaurant, you save the cost of drinks, the tip, and maybe even dessert. Say you are going to a moderately priced popular restaurant chain. Not ordering drinks will save you about $2.50 a person and not ordering an alcohol-type drink will save you about $5 or more per drink. Not ordering one dessert will save you $5 to $7. And by avoiding paying a tip, you save an average of 15%.

    For example, if you order four dinner entrees as “take out” totaling $40 instead of eating in the restaurant, you could potentially save the:

    • Tip = $6 on the $40 tab
    • Drinks = $10 for nonalcoholic drinks for four (would be more with alcohol)
    • Dessert = $10 for two desserts that the table shares

    for a total potential savings of $26.

    Check Your Sunday Newspaper for Extra Savings

    Sometimes local restaurant chains offer special coupons in the Sunday paper. The Sizzler restaurant chain, for example, recently offered a few coupons in Northern California:

    • A $9.99 “Create You own Combo” that includes your choice of two entree items and a baked potato
    • A $8.99 “Complete Burger Lunch” includes salad bar and a drink
    • A $9.99 “Complete Steak Lunch” includes salad bar and a drink

    Join Restaurant Email Clubs

    Most of the restaurant chains with web sites offer an email club. Each club has a slightly different name and list of benefits, but each usually offers some sort of sign-up incentive (a coupon or two) plus a little surprise when your birthday rolls around (a coupon). It’s a “win-win” situation: The restaurant wins because the coupon brings you into the restaurant, and you win because you are getting a discount.

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