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  1. Off the Menu: Food From the Reef

    Bryan Caswell roasts turkeys for Thanksgiving but not for his own family. Instead, Caswell drops them off at two fire stations in his native Houston, along with stuffing, white beans, and cornbread. He gets his own holiday dinner south of the border. 'After I make those deliveries, it's onto a plane

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  2. 3 Ways to Cook Eggs

    Do you still think of eggs as nutritional no-nos? A growing body of research scrambles the old thinking that eggs raise the risk of heart disease. One egg does contain 186 milligrams cholesterol, but an analysis of two large studies found that healthy people who ate eggs didn't have an increased ris

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  3. How I Learned to Love Eggplant

    As a kid, I liked the looks of garden-grown eggplant with its deep purple jacket and little green cap, but I just didn't like eating cooked eggplant -- the seeds, the spongy texture, the ugly brown-beige look of it. Coming home from school to discover eggplant was on Mom's dinner menu, I'd plot how

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  4. Three Ways to Cook Cod

    In the world of seafood, cod is a quiet cousin. Other fish, especially salmon and tuna, get all the attention as standout sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. But the humble cod is unfairly forgotten, says Elisabetta Politi, RD, MPH, nutrition manager of the Duke Diet & Fitness Center. "I s

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  5. 5 Easy Weeknight Meals

    Chef Chris Scott is co-founder of Brooklyn Commune, a café and market in New York. He and his wife, Eugenie Woo, began the venture in late 2010 to foster community around good food.  The café is a hot spot for busy families who stop in to eat wholesome sandwiches and salads at large communal tables,

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  6. How I Got My Husband to Love Rhubarb

    Kim Ode's husband, John, isn't big on desserts. So this 57-year-old, Minneapolis-based reporter always assumed that's why he declined all the rhubarb pies and tortes she liked to make. But when she came home with the news that she'd be writing a book about rhubarb, "the truth came out," Ode laughs.

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  7. Off the Menu: Cathy Whims

    "I'm not Italian, but I feel like I've chosen a great cuisine," says Cathy Whims, chef/owner of Portland's acclaimed Nostrana restaurant. "It's very healthy and seasonal and rewarding," adds the four-time nominee for best chef in the Northwest by the James Beard Foundation. When she's not at Nostran

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  8. Your Brain on Sugar

    Is sugar worse for you than, say, cocaine? According to a 2012 article in the journal Nature, it's a toxic substance that should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. Researchers point to studies that show that too much sugar (both in the form of natural sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup) not on

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  9. 12 Ways to Save Money on Food Shopping

    You’re paying more these days not only at the gas pump but also at the grocery store. Blame it on rising oil prices, disappointing crop yields, global warming, or the weak dollar. What it all means is that you need to find smart ways to save. These expert tips and strategies can help you slash your

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  10. Grilled Vegetables Guide

    Cooking vegetables on the grill imparts a delicious smokiness. And if the grill’s already on, why not put some vegetables on too? Here are cooking instructions and seasoning ideas for our favorite vegetables for grilling, but don’t limit yourself to these—grill whatever vegetables you have on hand.

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