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  1. Top Shared Stories of 2011

    Some things are too important to keep to yourself. You tell your friends and family right away, because they need it to stay safe or because you know it's a topic they follow.  Tweet it, post it, email it -- you pass it along. This year, potential health risks -- especially about food -- topped WebM

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  2. 9 Food Poisoning Myths

    Do you know what it takes to keep you and your family from getting food poisoning? Some 82% of Americans say they're confident they prepare food safely. Yet many do not adhere to simple guidelines for safe food handling, according to a 2008 survey by the International Food Information Council Founda

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  3. Don't Let Food Poisoning Spoil Your Party

    Keep your cookout or picnic safe with these tips

  4. Spring-Clean Your Refrigerator and Freezer

    Get food safety tips for keeping foods fresh, safe, and tasty.

  5. Painless Ways to Add Soy to Your Diet

    Tasty new soy products (and recipes) to try

  6. 10 Rules for Keeping Food Safe Outdoors

    It's the season for frolicking in the sun during family barbecues and for romantic picnics. At some point this summer, most of us will find ourselves flipping burgers on the grill or whipping out our Tupperware to transport a bin of potato salad. But unfortunately, if you aren't careful with foods d

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  7. Avoid Food Poisoning: Keep Your Refrigerator Safe

    What's lurking in your fridge?

  8. Salmon and Beef: What's Safe to Eat?

    Here's a look at the science behind the scares

  9. The Essential Summer BBQ Accessory

    Along with ketchup, pickles, and buns, backyard barbecuers should be armed with something else this grilling season: a meat thermometer. Experts say it's the only sure way to prevent a potential food poisoning disaster. "The only safe hamburger is one cooked to 160 degrees," says Nancy Donley, presi

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  10. Avoiding Food Poisoning

    May 22, 2000 -- Any food can be contaminated with bacteria from unclean surfaces, food handlers who don't wash their hands, or improper preparation. Food items in the following four categories are the ones most likely to make you and your family sick. Ground meats: Hamburger and ground meats of all

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