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  1. Salmonella Prompts Peanut Butter Recall

    Jan. 14, 2009 -- Bulk peanut butter maker Peanut Corp. of America has recalled 21 lots of peanut butter implicated in a 43-state salmonella outbreak. Grocery brands appear not to be involved, according to the CDC. The CDC's ongoing investigation has turned up clusters of salmonella infections in sch

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  2. Salmonella Spurs Peanut Butter Recall

    Jan. 12, 2009 -- King Nut peanut butter and Parnell's Pride peanut butter are being recalled because of a salmonella risk. King Nut Companies, a peanut butter distributor based in Solon, Ohio, issued the recall after Minnesota health officials found salmonella in an open 5-pound tub of King Nut crea

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  3. Salmonella in Pet Food Sickens 8 More People

    Nov. 6, 2008 -- A rare strain of salmonella in dry pet food sickened at least eight people this year, in addition to the 71 people who have fallen ill since 2006, according to the CDC. Because of the outbreak of Salmonella schwarzengrund, Mars Petcare has permanently closed the plant where the pet f

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  4. Halloween Chocolate Coins Safe in U.S.

    Oct. 31, 2008 -- If you've gotten an email warning you about Halloween candy -- and chocolate coins, in particular -- tainted with melamine, here's the truth about that rumor. On Oct. 8, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency warned consumers in Canada not to eat, distribute, or sell certain packages o

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  5. Heavy Metals Found in Wine

    Oct. 29, 2008 -- Red and white wines from most European nations carry potentially dangerous doses of at least seven heavy metals, U.K. researchers find. A single glass of even the most contaminated wine isn't poisonous. But drinking just one glass of wine a day -- a common habit in Europe and the Am

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  6. The E. coli Risks of a Red Meat Diet

    Oct. 29, 2008 -- Red meat lovers face a double whammy when it comes to E. coli food poisoning. Not only does the bacterium that causes people to get sick often come from red meat, but a new study also suggests that a regular diet of red meat can make people more susceptible to E. coli. The study was

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  7. Salmonella Outbreak Appears to Be Over

    Aug. 28, 2008 -- The Salmonella saintpaul outbreak first tied to tomatoes and then to jalapeno and serrano peppers appears to be over, says the CDC. In light of that news, the FDA says it's OK to eat raw jalapeno or serrano peppers grown, harvested, or packed in Mexico. The salmonella outbreak, whic

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  8. 9 Food Poisoning Myths

    Do you know what it takes to keep you and your family from getting food poisoning? Some 82% of Americans say they're confident they prepare food safely. Yet many do not adhere to simple guidelines for safe food handling, according to a 2008 survey by the International Food Information Council Founda

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  9. Irradiation OK for Spinach, Iceberg Lettuce

    Aug. 21, 2008 -- Starting tomorrow, spinach and iceberg lettuce can be treated with enough radiation to kill bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella, which can cause food poisoning. The FDA issued that food-irradiation rule today in the wake of recent salmonella and E. coli outbreaks, such as the 20

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  10. Whole Foods Recalls Popcorn Brand

    Aug. 15, 2008 -- Whole Foods Market is recalling its "365 Organic Everyday Value Popcorn, Lightly Salted" because it may contain undeclared milk ingredients. The popcorn in these packages was incorrectly flavored with a white cheddar seasoning that includes milk ingredients; the seasoning may not be

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