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  1. Raw Cookie Dough Ready to Bake, Not Ready to Eat

    Dec. 9, 2011 -- Raw cookie dough, whether it's homemade or store-bought, should be destined for your oven, not your mouth. That's one of the CDC's top lessons from the 2009 E. coli  O157:H7 outbreak in refrigerated Nestle Toll House cookie dough products. During the outbreak, 77 people in 30 states

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  2. Smucker's Chunky Peanut Butter Recalled

    Nov. 17, 2011 -- Smucker's is recalling some 16-ounce jars of Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter Chunky because of possible salmonella contamination. The recall affects only Smucker's chunky style peanut butter. It does not involve Smucker's creamy peanut butter or other Smucker's products. No illnesse

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  3. Listeria Outbreak From Cantaloupes Sets Death Toll Record

    Editor’s note: On Dec. 8, the CDC issued its final update for the listeria outbreak. There were 30 deaths, and a woman pregnant at the time of illness had a miscarriage. A total of 146 people in 28 states were infected.     Nov. 4, 2011 --  With 29 adult deaths, the ongoing outbreak of listeria food

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  4. Dirty Equipment Likely Led to Listeria Outbreak

    Oct. 19, 2011 -- Results of an investigation by state and federal health officials have shed light on how cantaloupes grown by a Colorado farm became contaminated with deadly listeria bacteria. Investigators say dirty, corroded equipment, unsanitary conditions, and unsafe food handling practices at

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  5. 2 More Deaths in Listeria/Cantaloupe Outbreak

    Oct. 12, 2011 -- Two more deaths have been reported in the ongoing outbreak of listeria food poisoning from Colorado cantaloupes. As of Oct. 11, the CDC received reports of 23 deaths among 116 people infected with one of the four outbreak-related strains of Listeria monocytogenes. The bacteria can c

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  6. Listeria Outbreak Now 2nd Largest in U.S. History

    Oct. 10, 2011 -- The current listeria outbreak from cantaloupes is now the second largest in U.S. history. The toll now stands at 109 cases and 21 deaths. A pregnant Iowa woman miscarried due to cantaloupe-linked listeria infection. A person infected with listeria may take up to two months to develo

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  7. 18 Deaths, 100 Cases in Listeria/Cantaloupe Outbreak

    Oct. 4, 2011 -- Eighteen people now are confirmed dead in the ongoing listeria outbreak from contaminated cantaloupes. The CDC confirms that 100 people in 20 states have been infected with one of the four outbreak strains of Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria frequently causes miscarriage, stillbirth,

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  8. Listeria: Are You at Risk?

    Sept. 29, 2011 -- Are you at risk from listeria, the deadly bacteria now in the news? The death toll is rising in the ongoing outbreak from contaminated cantaloupe. It's now the largest outbreak of food-borne illness in more than a decade. Suddenly the spotlight is on listeria. What is it? Where is

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  9. Ground Beef Recalled in 14 States

    Sept. 29, 2011 -- A potential E. coli 0157:H7 contamination has spurred the recall of over 130,000 pounds of ground beef products. On Sept. 27, the USDA issued a Class 1 recall of ground beef products shipped from Emporia, Kan., by Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. to 14 states. A Class 1 recall is the highest

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  10. Listeria in Cantaloupes: Deadliest Outbreak in a Decade

    Sept. 28, 2011 -- The CDC says 72 people have been sickened and 13 have died as a result of eating cantaloupes tainted with listeria bacteria, making it the deadliest outbreak of food-borne illness in the U.S. in a decade. State officials say they are investigating three more deaths -- one each in N

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