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Pepperoni Pizzas

Freschetta Brick Oven Pepperoni Pizza ($6.80, 21.75 oz. serves 4)
Testers "could really taste the different cheeses" — mozzarella and Fontina — in this delicious pizza. "Rich tomatoey flavor" in the sauce enhanced the "pizzeria taste" of this pie, which tied for first place with our next entry.
Per serving: 410 calories; 20g fat; 8g saturated fat

Red Baron Fire Baked Pepperoni Pizza ($5.60, 19.86 oz. serves 4)
This "spicy," "smoky," and "peppery" pie wowed our panel. With its "puffy crust," a "crisp bottom," and "plenty of cheese," what's not to love?
Per serving: 370 calories; 17g fat; 7g saturated fat

Stouffer's Pepperoni French Bread Pizza ($3.30, 11.25 oz. serves 2)
Tasters didn't prefer the bread-y crust or the extremely herbal sauce, but it had the familiarity of a childhood snack.
Per serving: 420 calories; 20g fat; 7g saturated fat

365 Everyday Value Uncured Pepperoni Pizza ($5, 13.9 oz serves 3; Whole Foods)
The good, thick crust had toppings too salty and greasy for our testers.
Per serving: 370 calories; 20g fat; 9g saturated fat

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Artisan Creations Stone-Fired Pepperoni Pizza ($3.30, 6.11 oz serves 1)
This pizza had tons of oregano flavor but overall was too soft and gummy for everyone. It may have had a disadvantage because the instructions require microwave cooking, while others can be baked in the oven. It might be fine, however, for those watching their fat intake.
Per serving: 390 calories; 8g fat; 3g saturated fat

Healthy Choice Pepperoni French Bread Pizza ($1.90 - $2.40, 6 oz. serves 1)
Another microwave sample. The French bread provided a very doughy crust, but no one was wowed by the flavor. However, for those on a diet, it might be worth considering.
Per serving: 350 calories; 4.5g fat; 1.5g saturated fat

South Beach Living Pepperoni Pizza ($3.50, 6.3 oz. serves 1)
Bland cheese and pepperoni atop mushy crust did not bode well for this low-carb microwave contender.
Per serving: 350 calories; 12g fat; 4.5g saturated fat

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