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    • Experiment with new types of fruits and veggies -- like a broccoli slaw salad mix, or pomegranate juice. Remember that just because you didn't like certain fruits and veggies as a child doesn't mean you won't like them now. "Your taste buds change, and you will be pleasantly surprised if you give them another chance," says Ward.
    • Vary the texture. Kids tend to like raw, crunchy fruits and veggies with low-fat dip. Try shredding veggies to top sandwiches or salads.
    • Choose sweet potatoes over white potatoes for more potassium and beta carotene.
    • Go easy on sauces. Instead, flavor vegetables with fresh or dried herbs and a splash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar.
    • Have a vegetarian meal at least once a week. It can be as simple as soup and salad, or a stir-fry meal.
    • Eat a salad full of fruits and/or veggies each night with dinner. Just go easy on the dressing and high-fat toppings.
    • Grill fruits and vegetables to make them sweeter and more delicious.
    • Chop, dice, or shred vegetables into muffins, stews, lasagna, meatloaf, and casseroles.
    • Use pureed vegetables to thicken soups, stews, gravies, and casseroles.
    • Decorate plates with edible garnishes, like cucumber twists, red pepper strips, or cantaloupe slices.
    • Keep a bowl of fruit on the counter and some cut-up vegetables in the refrigerator for healthy snacks.
    • Remember that while 100% fruit juice is a good choice, whole or cut-up fruit has the added benefit of fiber.
    • At breakfast, add fruit to yogurt, pancakes, waffles, or cereal.
    • Whip up a smoothie made with fruit and low-fat or nonfat yogurt for a quick, nourishing snack or meal.
    • Freeze grapes and bananas for a refreshing and cool treat.

    The New Slogan

    A year of consumer testing and research went into development of the "More is Better" slogan, says Elizabeth Pivonka, president and chief executive officer of the nonprofit Produce for Better Health Foundation.

    The research found that only 50% of consumers were aware of the "5 a day" message, and even within that group, only 1 in 5 was meeting the recommendation, says Pivonka. So the foundation knew a motivating message was needed.

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