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Greek-Style Mushrooms

WebMD Recipe

Total Time: 20 mins

Greek-Style Mushrooms


  • 2 cups mushrooms
  • 4 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon coriander
  • 1 tablespoon parsley
  • 1 dash red chili pepper or paprika
  • 1/2 tablespoon ground pepper
  • 1 bay leaf


Step 1
Pour 1 cup of water in a pan. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, bay leaf, coriander and pepper. Bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
Step 2
Clean and rinse the mushrooms then cut into thin slices. Add them to pan, boil again for one minute and remove from heat.
Step 3
Add parsley, red chili pepper or paprika, mix gently and let cool.
Step 4
When serving, strain the mushroom mixture and then place them in a dish and sprinkle with the remaining 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. (Note: other vegetables may also be prepared Greek-style: thinly sliced leeks, carrots or turnip sticks, cauliflower, thinly sliced cucumbers or artichoke hearts.)

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