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    Top chefs share tips and recipes for healthy cooking that doesn’t skimp on taste and style.

    Can healthy cooking and recipes for really tasty dishes go hand-in-hand? Where do you start, what do you buy, and how do you keep it from tasting like cardboard? WebMD posed these questions to four top chefs, some of whom not only gave up high-calorie recipes, but changed their lives in the process.

    We've compiled their healthy cooking tips -- and a few recipes -- to help you cook lighter and enjoy every mouthful.

    How Healthy Cooking Changed One Chef's Life

    Although he's long been committed to a dinner table loaded with veggies, chef Michel Nischan admits he used to be a butterfat junkie, too.

    "My mom was a farmer and I was raised on vegetables, but when it came to using butters and oils and processed fats in my cooking, well, the sky was the limit," says Nischan, author of several award-winning cookbooks including Homegrown Pure and Simple. If healthy cooking meant recipes without butter, well, forget it!

    But when Nischan's young son, Chris, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, it changed everything.

    "As I researched the kinds of foods my son needed to eat -- and why -- my eyes opened and I began to see my responsibility as a chef from a different perspective," says Nischan, who will share his insights on healthy cooking and recipes in a show titled Pure and Simple, starting this summer on the new LIME TV network.

    Among the healthy cooking bylaws that now govern this chef's kitchen: Buy seasonal local fruits and vegetables.

    "If you buy local, you not only get the most nutrients and the best prices, but you add a natural variety to your diet that is extremely healthy," Nischan tells WebMD.

    Another healthy cooking tip for recipes: Use the right oil or fat at the right time.

    Olive oil is healthy for your heart, but degrades when used to sauté foods at high temperatures, he says. Instead, he suggests sautéing at high temperatures using flavorless grape seed oil, then finishing your dish with a drizzle of olive oil before serving.

    "All you'll taste is the olive oil," Nischan says. If it's the rich flavor of fried fish you crave, for a healthy recipe sear it in grape seed oil till golden brown, then dip a pastry brush in room-temperature butter and coat the fish before serving.

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