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    Just one cup of this superveggie packs 34 percent of your daily need for folate (which can help lower levels of heartthreatening homocysteine), 15 percent of potassium (which reduces blood pressure levels), and 27 percent of manganese (which helps maintain your bones).

    Makeover: To bring out beets' natural juices, peel and grate them. Camouflage the dirtlike flavor with lemon juice and sweet dates. For an easy side, try Basil and Balsamic Beets. The fresh basil and vinegar bring out the vegetable's sweetness.

    Brussels sprouts

    This veggie, broccoli's first cousin, also helps ward off cancer. In one Dutch study, men who ate Brussels sprouts daily for three weeks had 28 percent less genetic damage (a root cause of cancer) than those who didn't.

    Makeover: Stirfry the veggie with Asian flavors to transform the cabbagey taste into something sweet and salty. You can counteract the bitter bite by roasting with onions and vinegar, too.


    Popeye had the right idea: Thanks to high levels of betacarotene, vitamins B2, B6, C, and K — plus generous amounts of manganese, folate, and magnesium — spinach is possibly the healthiest vegetable in the world.

    Makeover: Use raw spinach to avoid the metallic taste of the oxalic crystals that form when spinach is cooked. For an even better flavor, dress the leaves with pureed fresh strawberries. Or try lemon — the acid camouflages spinach's bold taste.

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