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    Fabulous Fruits continued...

    3. Passion Fruit

    This tropical fruit has a jelly-like inside, sweet-tart in flavor, with edible seeds. It gets the ooey-gooey award; you have to eat it with a spoon.

    Available: January-July.
    Buying tips: A ripe passion fruit has a wrinkled outer shell. Look for fruit that is full of color and fragrance.
    Best way to store: If the skin is still smooth, ripen at room temperature, turning occasionally. Refrigerate ripe fruit in a plastic bag and use within three days, or freeze it.
    Nutritional attributes: 4 pieces of passion fruit (2 1/2 ounces) contain 8 grams of fiber, 10% Daily Value for vitamin A, and 35% for vitamin C.
    Eating/cooking tips: Cut the fruit in half and scoop out the edible pulp and seeds with a spoon. You can use as an ingredient in a smoothie, or in a sauce or filling.

    4. Blood Oranges

    They look like regular oranges on the outside, but inside are darkly colored and full of flavor.

    Available: January-June.
    Buying tips: Choose firm oranges that seem heavy for their size and have a sweet fragrance.
    Best way to store: Store on the kitchen counter for up to one week, or two weeks if refrigerated.
    Nutritional attributes: One orange contains 3 grams of fiber, 6% Daily Value for vitamin A, 120% for vitamin C, and 6% for calcium.
    Eating/cooking tips: Colorful slices or wedges make great plate garnishes or a great snack. Segments add color and flavor to fruit salads or green salads.

    5. Star Fruit

    This fruit gets the award for the most unusual shape! It adds a refreshing tropical flavor to any meal or dish.

    Available: Year-round.
    Buying tips: Look for firm, glossy-skinned fruit without bruising. Don't worry if you see browning on the tips of the ridges; it's a sign of ripeness.
    Best way to store: Store in the refrigerator in a plastic or paper bag for up to a week. Or, you can slice the fruit and freeze it in sealable bags.
    Nutritional attributes: One fruit contains 30% Daily Value for vitamin C.
    Eating/cooking tips: Slice it horizontally into star shapes, and you have fun garnish for your plate or an attractive addition to any fruit salad or green salad. Remove the seeds before eating.

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