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    Message Board: Terri Warren’s FAQs

    WebMD’s expert comments on a variety of herpes issues.

    Terri Warren’s FAQs

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    How to Tell Your Partner You Have Genital Herpes

    You must tell your partner you have genital herpes. If you pick the right time and say it the right way, there's a good chance things will work out OK. Think about how you want your partner to take the news. Do you want it to seem like a huge problem? Of course not, so don't present it that way. If you say, "I have some awful news for you," your partner will likely take it as awful news. Instead, be casual, direct, and unemotional. Also avoid suggesting how he or she should react, especially in...

    Read the How to Tell Your Partner You Have Genital Herpes article > >

    Related Web Site: Centers for Disease Control

    This site includes fact sheets, treatment guidelines, and statistics on herpes prevalence. This link takes you to their web site.

    Centers for Disease Control

    Related Web Site: Antopia

    Antopia is a dating and social support community for people with genital herpes, with nearly 60,000 members. This link takes you to their web site.


    Related Web Site: American Social Health Association

    This group provides educational materials, a hotline, and in-person support groups for people with herpes and other STDs. This link will take you to their web site.

    American Social Health Association

    Related Web Site: International Herpes Management Forum

    Oriented toward health care providers, this site also includes some patient information and a wealth of technical information. This link takes you to their web site.

    International Herpes Management Forum

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