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    This content is from an educational collaboration between WebMD Editorial and Healthy Child Healthy World.

    About the Health eHome

    Want to live a healthier, greener life? Make sure your children grow up in a safe environment? WebMD, the leader in online health information, is partnering with Healthy Child Healthy World, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of children from harmful environmental exposures, to bring you the Health eHome.

    An interactive program that offers tips and information about healthy, safe, green living, the Health eHome is the ultimate guide for people who are both environmentally and safety-conscious. The Health eHome helps you learn, test, and take action on your personal health and the health of the environment by providing:

    • Practical, affordable suggestions for making your home safer
    • Comments and tips from experts
    • Resources for those who want to get more involved.

    Both WebMD and Healthy Child Healthy World are dedicated to helping people live healthy lives. Working together, we offer the tools you need to make informed and responsible choices about your home and the environment. Just as important, the Health eHome helps you develop an action plan to make healthy changes for you and your family.

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