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    Healthy Child Healthy World & YOU: Creating Healthier Communities

    As a non-profit organization, Healthy Child Healthy World supports and promotes many public health and policy efforts. You, too, can speak out on behalf of children's health by clicking on the links below to take action on current critical issues affecting children.

    • Support Children's Policies.
    • Take Action.
    • Use Your Voice.

    Here are a few important initiatives:

    • The National Children's Study - a multi-year research study that will examine the effects of environmental influences on the health and development of more than 100,000 children across the United States, following them from before birth until age 21.
    • The Safe Chemicals Act, which will overhaul the way our nation regulates chemicals in order to provide better protections for the public. Find out how you can lend your voice and support this essential national legislation.
    • The Autism Discovery Project - a multi-year research study at Mt. Sinai that will investigate non-genetic, environmental exposures likely to be involved in the causation of autism.
    • SAFER States - a network of organizations and individuals working to promote both state and federal policies that better protect our health and the environment.

    Healthy Child Healthy World Wonders…
    Do You Know a Mom on a Mission?

    This October, help us award that one special and inspiring woman dedicated to creating healthier and happier environments for children and families.

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    Voices For Change

    "Even among those couples who prepare for parenthood and give it a great deal of thought, few are aware of the hazards posed to their product—their future child—by foreign chemicals in the womb."

    Theo Colborn, Ph.D.