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    Health Care Reform:

    A Guide to Health Insurance & Affordable Care Act

    News and Features Related to Health Care Reform

    1. Some Face Key Gap in Obamacare Women’s Coverage

      By Michelle Andrews Having a baby is a common women’s health event, yet insurance coverage isn’t always assured. Although the federal government recently clarified that many insurance plans must cover prenatal care as a preventive service without charging women anything out of pocket, it didn’t addr

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    2. Is The Uninsured Rate The Lowest Ever?

      By Julie Rovner Almost no one disputes that the implementation of the federal health law has helped Americans who were previously uninsured gain coverage. But exactly how much has the uninsured rate dropped? A whole lot, says President Barack Obama. “Nearly one in three uninsured Americans have alre

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    3. Some Insured Still Skip Care Because Of High Costs

      By Jim Burress, WABE A key goal of the Affordable Care Act is to help people get health insurance who may have not been able to pay for it before. But the most popular plans – those with low monthly premiums – also have high deductibles and copays. And that can leave medical care still out of reach

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    4. Many Poor Still Unaware Of Obamacare Options

      By Phil Galewitz Even in Kentucky, which championed the 2010 health care law by expanding Medicaid and running its own insurance marketplace, about half of poor people say they have heard little about the Affordable Care Act, according to a Harvard University study published Monday in Health Affairs

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    5. What’s At Stake When The Supreme Court Rules On Health Plan Subsidies

      By Julie Rovner and Mary Agnes Carey Later this month, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on King v. Burwell, a case challenging the validity of federal tax subsidies helping millions of Americans buy health insurance if they don’t get it through an employer. If the court rules against the Obama

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    6. New Preventive Services to Get No-Cost Coverage

      By Michelle Andrews The list continued to grow of preventive services that people are entitled to receive without paying anything out of pocket. In 2014, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended two new services and tweaked a handful of others that had previously been recommended. Under t

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    7. More Turn To Health Clinics After Obamacare

      By Michael Tomsic, WFAE Nurse practitioner Martha Brinsko helps a lot of patients manage their diabetes at the Charlotte Community Health Clinic in North Carolina. “Most mornings when you check your sugar, what would you say kind of the average is?” Brinsko asked patient Diana Coble. Coble hesitated

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    8. Low Prices Of Temporary Health Plans a Draw

      By Julie Appleby Worried about going without health coverage, musician Tom Miller bought a nine-month insurance policy in January to tide himself over while he rebuilt his business after a divorce and moved from Maryland to North Carolina. At $90 a month, it fit his budget, even though it does not o

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    9. Why the Medicaid Outsourcing Regulations Overhaul?

      By Jay Hancock Democrats want wider health care coverage. Republicans want privatization of government programs. They’re both getting their way with the Medicaid program for children and the poor. Medicaid’s expansion under the Affordable Care Act has drawn lots of attention, although some states ha

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    10. Medicaid Expansion Cuts Rate Of Older Uninsured

      By Michelle Andrews The health law’s expansion of Medicaid coverage to adults with incomes over the poverty line was key to reducing the uninsured rate among 50- to 64-year-olds from nearly 12 to 8 percent in 2014, according to a new analysis. “Clearly most of the gains in coverage were in Medicaid

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