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    WebMD Health Heroes

    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman -- want to add your name to the ranks of heroes? Here are 10 healthy ways to save the day.

    Help a senior. There’s probably an older adult in your life who could use an extra hand. More than 45 million Americans are helping out aging friends and family. See what you can do. Volunteer to pick up groceries, mow the lawn, or do a small household repair.

    Make a drink. Next time, instead of pouring a cocktail for friends, make it a healthy smoothie or juice. Americans eat fruit only about once a day, and vegetables barely more than that. A diet chock full of fruits and veggies can help prevent some types of cancer and many chronic diseases, so bottoms up!

    Lend your body. Sign up to be an organ donor or give blood or bone marrow. Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood.

    More than 50 diseases, including many cancers, are treated with a bone marrow transplant. But most people don’t have a family member who can serve as a donor. You can change a life when you register to be a donor.

    Join a run/walk. Combine working out and being a health do-gooder. Sign up to support a cause dear to you. Many nonprofits like the American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, and Autism Speaks host annual fundraisers.

    Learn CPR. According to the American Heart Association, 70% of people in the U.S. feel helpless in an emergency because they don’t know CPR or first aid. Sign up to learn -- or re-learn -- these life-saving tips. Organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross offer classes, or check your local hospital.

    Shop for a cause. If you’re going to shop, why not do some good while you’re at it? Many companies offer proceeds of their sales to nonprofit missions. For example, Amazon’s Smile program donates 0.5 % of some purchases to a charity of your choice.

    Get your pet involved. Children’s hospitals, long-term care centers, and shelters often use pets to help their patients heal and find joy. If your pet is generally calm and well-behaved, it might be able to help you bring a smile to someone. Pet Partners is one group that screens and trains volunteers and their pets to help programs in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, and other facilities.

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