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Each year, WebMD pays tribute to everyday folks -- and a few famous faces -- who do great things to help others live healthier, better lives.

Who is a Health Hero? It’s a person who sees a need and does all he or she can to fill it. This year we’ll honor:

An Activist: Someone who makes a difference in the community, whether that means a city, state, nation, or a group of people who all have the same disease or the same health goal.

A Scientist: A doctor, researcher, or other bright mind who’s thinking outside the box to find a wow-factor answer to a complex medical problem.

A Prodigy:  Whether by spreading the word about worthy issue, helping others boost their wellness, or coming up with a way to improve care, this young person -- under 21 -- is changing the game.

A Philanthropist: Giving at this level is about more than handing out funds. This person, family, or nonprofit takes a leadership role, raises the bar, and draws eyes to a cause on a major scale.

We’ll also spotlight a celebrity health hero. In recognition of the 10th anniversary of WebMD Magazine, we chose 10 of our former celebrity cover stars as candidates for the People’s Choice award. We asked the public to decide who most deserves the honor. At the time we ran their story, each was passionately involved in some health cause. Today, each continues to do good work to better the health and wellness of many people. 

You can meet our 2014 Health Heroes and learn who received the People’s Choice award here November 6, and in the November/December issue of WebMD Magazine

People's Choice Finalists

Voting for the WebMD's 2014 People's Choice Health Hero is now closed. The winner – chosen from among these 10 celebrity health activists – will be announced here Nov. 6, and in the November/December issue of WebMD Magazine.

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